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Super K Cleaner is an intensive and universally usable cleaner for all cleaning tasks encountered in the vehicle's interior and outside area. Does not affect materials such as metals, plastics (*with the exception of polycarbonate and PMMA), wood, glass, rubber, cured varnishes as well as textiles when properly used.

- economical to use
- multifunctional uses
- ready to use

Technical data
Base anionische und
nichtionische Tenside, Phosphate, Lösevermittler,
Orangenöle, Farbstoffe, Konservierungsmittel / anionic and non-ionic
tensides, phosphates, solvents, orange oils, colourants, conservation agents
Density at 20 °C 1,023 g/cm³
Form flüssig / liquid
Solubility in water mischbar / mixable
pH value 10,8
Boiling point > 100 °C
Color / appearance grün / green
Odor fruchtig / fruity
Shelf life in original sealed container 30 Months

Areas of application
Cleans varnishes, metals, chrome, plastics* and textile materials (upholstery, interior trim, headliners, floor and luggage compartment mats) thoroughly and gently from contaminations containing soot, dust, oil and grease as well as brake dust, insects and bird droppings.

Spray Super K Cleaner uniformly on the area to be cleaned. Work firmly adhering dirt with a sponge in addition. Subsequently remove dissolved dirt and cleaner residues with a wet sponge or water jet. Rinse sponge frequently if necessary. To clean upholstery, spray a small amount of cleaner on moist sponge and rub upholstery. Follow up by rubbing with sponge rinsed clean. Do not soak upholstery. Note: Do not use on warm surfaces or plastics from polycarbonate or PMMA. Do not let dry. With sensitive materials always test first at inconspicuous area. Super K Cleaner degreases. Prolonged exposure of the skin with the concentrated cleaner should therefore be avoided.


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