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Maintains, cleans and beautifies door, window and trunk seals and tires. Prevents freezing-up in winter. Keeps rubber parts elastic and extends the service
life. Also ideally suited for maintaining and deep cleaning car tires and rubber mats.

- protects, cleans and treats rubber components in a single process
- simple to use
- silicone-free
- freshens up rubber components and maintains their elasticity
- prevents rubber door seals from freezing closed

Technical data
pH value 7,0 (20°C)
Base Pflegemittel, Alkohol, Verdicker / care product, alcohol, thickener
Form flüssig / liquid
Solubility in water mischbar / mixable
Density at 20 °C 1,004 g/cm³
Flash point 23 °C
Color / appearance klar / clear
Odor alkoholisch / alcoholic

Areas of application
Especially for maintaining and protecting and treating rubber parts such as tires, door seals, mats etc. in the automotive sector.

Remove heavy contamination before use. Thoroughly shake rubber care before use and apply a thin and even layer on the clean, dry rubber sealings with slight pressure using a sponge. Let air dry for some minutes. Regular use is recommended.

Note: Do not treat pedals, the steering wheel, windshield wipers and treads!


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