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Universal agent for cleaning, preservation, care and protection. Gives even heavily weathered plastic surfaces a silky matt shine thanks to highly concentrated care products. Repels dirt, dust and water and provides food long-term protection. Suitable for cars, hobby, household and garden, e.g. for car cockpits, door rubbers, plastic bumpers, garden furniture, sealed wooden surfaces, leather, window frames, PVC awnings, etc. For interior and exterior use.

Clean parts to be treated beforehand. Shake product vigorously before use. After this, apply to a soft cloth or sponge and rub in lightly. If necessary, rub again using a dry cloth. Regular application ensures an optimum appearance and a long life. Due to the risk of slipping, do not use on steering wheels, pedals, seat surfaces, gear lever knobs, motorcycle tires, etc. Do not spray brake systems!


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