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Vehicle Fragrance speed air freshener contains natural plant-based aromatic principles. Vehicle Fragrance speed neutralises unpleasant smells in the vehicle interior giving it a pleasant, freshly scented atmosphere.

- provides a fresh and pleasant fragrance
- neutralizes unpleasant smells

Technical data
Base natürliche Duftstoffe /natural scents
Odor Zitrone, frisch / lemon, fresh
Shelf life 12 Monate ungeöffnet, 3 Wochen geöffnet / 12 months unopened, 3 weeks opened
Form fest / solid
Flash point 47 °C
Color / appearance hellgelb / light yellow

Areas of application
Used especially for freshening the air with a pleasant fragrance for all vehicle interiors.

Open the bag and hang the air freshener in a suitable place such as the rear view mirror. 







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