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Liqui Moly Fluorescent Leak Finder is a water-soluble leakage fluid for the rapid and accurate detection and location of water leaks and wind noises. The product is a ready-to-use mixture with good penetrating properties as well as being fluorescent. By using the indicator lamp, it is therefore possible to locate the water leak after only a few minutes. Rework or complaints following accident repairs or the installation of glass or sliding roofs can be avoided.

- fluorescent
- simple to use
- excellent penetration action
- multifunctional uses
- can be washed off

Technical data
Base Fluoreszenz Farbstoff / fluorescent dye
Color / appearance hellbrown/ light brown
Odor charakteristsich / characteristic
Solubility in water mischbar / mixable
Form flüssig / liquid
Mixing ratio 1:10 bis 1:500
Density at 20 °C 1,17 g/ml

Areas of application
Fluorescent Leak Finder is used to locate ingress of water after repairs to glass or sliding roofs, accident repairs and is used for locating wind noises quickly and accurately. It is also possible to locate water leaks in radiator cooling systems.

Dilute Liqui Moly Fluorescent Leak Finder with at least 0.5 l water and spray onto the entire area of the suspected location using the Liqui Moly Pump Spray Bottle Part no, 3316. After only a few minutes, the water leak can be located by illuminating the affected area using the indicator lamp (UV lamp). Liqui Moly Fluorescent Leak Finder can then be washed away with clear water. To find leaks in cooling systems, fill
Fluorescent Leak Finder in the radiator and locate it with a UV lamp.

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