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Engine Sealant is a special synthetic-resin-based preservative and anti-corrosion product with rust inhibiting properties. Components and cables from the electrical system, electronics and ignition system are protected by the water-repellent sealant. The appearance of engine compartments that were treated with LIQUI MOLY Engine Sealant is also noticeably improved. After drying, a transparent, glossy and non-sticky protective film is formed.

- water repellent, non-sticky protective film
- improves appearance
- excellent corrosion protection
- fast-drying
- wide operating temperature range
- free of chlorinated hydrocarbons
- compatible with metal, rubber and plastic components

Technical data
Propellant Propan, Butan / propane, butane
Base Kunstharz / synthetic resin
Color / appearance farblos / colourless
Operating temperature range
bis +120 / up to +120 °C
Water soluble unlöslich / insoluble
Density at 20 °C 0,75 g/cm³
Form flüssig, aerosol / liquid, aerosol
Odor Esther, mild
Flash point -4 °C

Areas of application
For all engine compartments and engines in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses and two-wheeled vehicles.

Shake can well before use and hold can upright during use. Thoroughly clean the parts to be treated with LIQUI MOLY Engine Compartment Cleaner or LIQUI
MOLY Universal Cleaner and let dry. Spray engine
sealant evenly onto parts to be treated.
Note: With synthetic resin, check parts which have
been painted for compatibility on a hidden area before use.


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