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Silicone-free care and lubricating spray for the lubrication, assembly and maintenance of plastic and rubber parts. Ideally suited for paint-sensitive areas. The high UV protection prevents premature aging and embrittlement of the components. Eliminates and prevents rattling and squeaking noises, particularly between plastic parts. Expels water and moisture, does not resinify or become sticky. Transparent and for universal use.

- universal application
- silicone-free
- care and protection
- does not resinify or become sticky
- extremely high UV resistance
- outstanding thermal stability

Technical data
Base Mineralöl / mineral oil
Propellant Propan, Butan / propane, butane
Odor charakteristisch / characteristic
Color / appearance farblos / colourless
Density at 20 °C 0,65 g/cm³
Form Aerosol / aerosol
Operating temperature
-10 bis +120 / -10 to +120°C

Areas of application
Automotive area: For all assembly work on plastic or rubber parts. For the care and maintenance of plastic surfaces as well as the lubrication of slip rails, window guides, rollers of seat belts and as a care agent for door seals. Facilitates the assembly of plastic
parts together. Industrial area: The silicone-free formulation ensures there are no problems with subsequent painting. Ideal for the assembly and maintenance of plastic
parts if a silicone film is not wanted. Ideal for slip rails, millers and saw blades. Expels water and moisture. Eliminates rattling and squeaking noises in all polymer alloys.

Spray evenly but sparingly onto the surfaces to be treated from a distance of approx. 20-30 cm. Wipe off with a dry cloth if necessary and allow to dry. Do not spray onto pedals or the steering wheel.

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