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Specially developed lubricating and separating paste made from synthetic and ceramic agents. Eliminates squealing noises that occur between brake pistons or contact surfaces and the brake lining.

- good corrosion protection
- easy to use
- eliminates squeaks
- resistant to road salt and splash water
- extremely low friction
- outstanding thermal stability
- outstandingly adherent
- ideally suited as a separating paste

Technical data
Form pastös, flüssig / pastelike,liquid
Color / appearance blau / blue
Base synthetische u. keramische Wirkstoffe
Density 1,08 g/ml
Operating temperature range
-40 bis +200 kurzfristig bis +250 / -40 to +200 short term +250 °C
als Schmierpaste / as lubricating agent
-40 bis +1200 / -40 to
+1200 °C
als Trennpaste / as release agent
Flash point >210 °C
Odor schwach / slightly
Shelf life in original sealed container 36 months

Areas of application
For fitting, repair and maintenance work on brake systems. Used for basic lubrication and as a preventive measure against brake squeals. Highly suitable as a universal paste for numerous applications apart from brake systems.

With floating brake calipers, first clean all sliding surfaces, channels and contact surfaces using a brush or brake file. Next, clean the brake components with Rapid Cleaner (Part no. 3318). After evaporation of the solvents, apply the paste to the cleaned parts at all
sliding surfaces, channels and contact surfaces.



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