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Car Wash Shampoo has been specially developed for gently and effectively cleaning the surface of paintwork. Using thoroughly biodegradable washing agents, Car Wash Shampoo removes without trace dust and oily or greasy contamination. The finely pored foam preserves paint, rubber, plastic and glass.

- high washing and cleaning efficiency
- suitable for polycarbonate
- produces a very good sheen
- outstanding dewatering effect

Technical data
Base anionische und nichtionische Tenside /
anionic and non-ionic surfactants
Color / appearance orange Odor orange
Form flüssig / liquid
Density at 20 °C 1,015 g/cm³
pH value konzentriert 8,5;
gemischt 7,2 /
concentrated 8,5; mixed 7,2

Areas of application
Used especially for the gentle but thorough cleaning of paint surfaces to leave a sheen.

Before using a sponge, rough dirt has to be removed with high pressure resp. with a strong water jet. Shake Car Wash Shampoo vigorously before use and then mix with water. 50 ml of the product (approx. 5 capfuls) is sufficient for 10 litres of water. Apply the mixture using a sponge to the paintwork to be cleaned and spread out for cleaning. After this, rinse well with water and leather the surface.


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