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Make a statement with the JTT-29 Tailpipe from Exhouse Performance Parts, featuring a bold dual-exit design and a deep black finish for the ultimate in exhaust sophistication.

ID2'' OD3'' L:8.6''

Experience the union of performance and aesthetics with the JTT-29 Tailpipe, a signature offering from Exhouse Performance Parts. Crafted for those who desire the ultimate in exhaust system enhancements, this dual-exit tailpipe is a symphony of design and acoustic refinement.

Robust Design
The JTT-29 Tailpipe boasts a commanding black finish, signifying power and resilience. Its dual-exit style not only augments the visual appeal of your vehicle but also promotes a balanced exhaust flow for improved performance.

Double-barrel design for a dynamic look and function
Matte black finish for a bold, assertive appearance
Made from high-grade materials to withstand the rigors of road use

Acoustic Enhancement
Engineered to deliver a deeper, more pronounced exhaust note
Reduces drone while cruising for a more pleasant driving experience

Exhouse Quality
The JTT-29 is a reflection of Exhouse Performance Parts' commitment to excellence, incorporating superior materials and innovative design to enhance your vehicle's capabilities and presence.


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