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Cap off your exhaust system with the dynamic JTS-135 Tailpipe from Exhouse Performance Parts, featuring a carbon fiber body and a distinctive blue-tinted tip for enhanced style and performance.

ID63mm OD3.5''

 The JTS-135 Tailpipe from Exhouse Performance Parts epitomizes the fusion of performance-driven design and visual elegance. This tailpipe is the ideal selection for drivers looking to augment their vehicle's exhaust system with a component that offers both a robust performance boost and a striking aesthetic touch.

Unique Features
Fashioned with a high-quality carbon fiber body and an eye-catching blue-tinted stainless steel tip, the JTS-135 Tailpipe is as stylish as it is functional. The carbon fiber offers superior durability and heat resistance, while the blue finish provides an ultramodern look and additional corrosion resistance.

Detailed Specifications
Elegant carbon fiber body with blue stainless steel tip
Designed for easy clamp-on installation
Optimized dimensions for enhanced exhaust flow

Performance Benefits
Improves exhaust tone, giving a deep and sporty sound profile
Reduces exhaust back pressure, potentially improving engine efficiency and power output

Commitment to Quality
The JTS-135 Tailpipe is a symbol of Exhouse Performance Parts' dedication to quality and excellence. Subject to rigorous quality assurance processes, it stands as a durable, high-performance addition to any exhaust system.

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