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Stand out with the JTS-058 Tailpipe from Exhouse Performance Parts, featuring a durable stainless steel body with a captivating blue-to-gold heat-tinted finish, engineered for superior exhaust sound and performance.

ID57mm OD89mm L:7.25'' Double layer

 The JTS-058 Tailpipe is the embodiment of Exhouse Performance Parts' dedication to merging performance with striking design. Crafted for the discerning motor enthusiast, this tailpipe enhances not just the vehicle's exhaust efficiency but also its overall exterior aesthetics.

Unique Features
With its robust stainless steel construction and a lustrous blue heat-tinted finish, the JTS-058 offers a corrosion-resistant solution that stands up to high heat and harsh conditions. The gradient blue to gold color transition not only adds visual appeal but also indicates the material's high-quality heat treatment process.

Detailed Specifications
Highly durable stainless steel build
Heat-tinted finish for a visually stunning look
Designed for an easy and secure clamp-on installation

Performance Benefits
Enriches the exhaust note, providing a deep and performance-oriented sound
Promotes efficient exhaust gas flow, which can enhance engine performance

Commitment to Quality
Quality assurance is paramount at Exhouse Performance Parts, and the JTS-058 Tailpipe is no exception. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the high standards of durability and performance that our customers expect.

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