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Embrace the elegant upgrade that the 0021-3 Tailpipe from Exhouse Performance Parts offers, delivering a sophisticated look and superior exhaust note.

Exhouse Performance Parts introduces the 0021-3 Tailpipe, a fusion of robust performance and streamlined design. This tailpipe is engineered for the discerning driver seeking to enhance their vehicle's exhaust system with a blend of style and aural improvement.

Unique Features
The 0021-3 Tailpipe is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring resilience against harsh conditions while providing a lustrous finish. The rounded, beveled edge design offers an aesthetically pleasing profile that complements the curves of modern vehicles.

Detailed Specifications
Stainless steel with a polished finish for enduring beauty
Rounded design with a beveled edge for a smooth, sleek appearance
Universal fit to accommodate a variety of exhaust systems

Performance Benefits
Accentuates the vehicle's exhaust outlet with a striking visual upgrade
Engineered to enhance exhaust sound for a deeper tone

Commitment to Quality
At Exhouse Performance Parts, our 0021-3 Tailpipe stands as a hallmark of our commitment to exceptional quality and design, guaranteed to elevate the driving experience.


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